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AVAAL Express Trucking Dispatch Software

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AVAAL Express Trucking Dispatch Software Overview

In today's increasingly technological environment we encourage business to embrace technology and global connectivity. Don't get left behind, take the fast lane and accelerate your business with Avaal Express Dispatch Software. Avaal Express Trucking Dispatch Software is a comprehensive trucking software solution incorporating dispatching, fleet management, driver management, safety and compliance and accounting from a single easy-to-use platform.

Whether you are a single truck owner/operator or a multi-million dollar corporation, Avaal Express is designed for simplicity and optimization, and provides you with all the information necessary to efficiently manage your organization at your fingertips. Avaal's professional staff is available for real time support, training, and demonstrations.

Avaal Express Trucking Dispatch Software is available in two versions: Dispatch and Container.

Software Features

AVAAL Express Trucking Dispatch

The dispatch aspect of AVAAL Express Dispatch has different types of dispatch functions including:

  • FTL/LTL/Consolidation
  • Linking trips
  • Splitting trips
  • Calculating empty miles
  • Calculating driver/carrier/Owner Operator pay
  • PC Miler Routing and Directions
  • Outsourcing
  • SMS dispatch
  • Lane rates
  • Email integration
  • Payroll and much more

The dispatching board provides detailed information which can be customized by each user. It provides detailed tracking of trailers, of shipments, of trucks, of outsourced shipments and of drivers. Carrier and customer history can be accessed from the dispatching board itself. Driver sheets and outsourced shipment confirmations can be printed directly from the dispatching board and can be emailed directly to the concerned person. Dispatch information can be sent directly to any cell phone across North America with a click. Dispatch tracks user activities, ensuring accountability and enabling corrective action. Live PC Miler integration is available.

Trucking Accounting System

AVAAL accounting system is developed specifically for the trucking industry and it is fully integrated with the dispatching part of the software. For example, various optional notifications for dispatchers are set up in case customer has not paid for previous orders or is running behind the payments. Besides, saving time and eliminating double data entry, it will improve the customer service as well.

AVAAL accounting includes:

  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
  • Expenses
  • Multiple currencies
  • Batch printing of checks
  • Drivers/Owner Operators/Carriers payroll
  • QuickBooks Integration and much more

Maintenance Plan

AVAAL maintenance plan will keep your business on top of safety and compliance. It tracks government required preventive tests for equipment and drivers. It will keep you updated about the safety concerns of carriers you work with. It is fully integrated with other modules of the software. For example, notifications for dispatchers are set up when dispatching a truck, trailer or driver if there is any safety concern. Various reports including driver logs are available for the audit purposes.

IFTA Reporting & Fuel Card Import

AVAAL fuel import makes it easy to track the fuel usage per truck and per shipment. All the data from fuel card statements can be imported into AVAAL expense section which facilitates IFTA reporting. AVAAL IFTA makes it easy to track fuel purchases by jurisdiction. Dispatch trip information is processed through PC Miler for jurisdiction distance travelled breakdown.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

AVAAL IT professionals are always available to meet EDI requirements between you and your trading partners. We will deal directly with your clients to develop a system and implement it efficiently.


AVAAL ACE/ACI eManifest portal is fully integrated with dispatching module where you can create the eManifest directly from the dispatching board. It will eliminate the need of double entry and will optimize your dispatch operations and minimize the chances of data entry error. We also provide premium service where your drivers can send BOL directly to our eManifest team and we take full responsibility of forwarding the paperwork to custom brokers and do regular follow ups. Once the shipment is custom cleared, eManifest is sent to the drivers.

Management Reports

AVAAL management reports are designed specifically to measure performances and productivity. It improves management visibility and encourages strategical thinking. Efficiently create reports with accounting, operations and maintenance information available in one system. Specific reports can be added upon request. CSA reporting is also included as software is CSA certified.

IFTA Fuel Tax Filing

Avaal Express Dispatch Software can manage and create automatic trip based fuel tax calculations and reports.

Google Map Integration

With a simple click of a button you can view your trip route and turn-by-turn directions directly through Google Maps.

Real-time Tracking

Manage the status of your orders using the dispatch board and receive real-time information into the status of your drivers, trucks and trailers.


Avaal Express Dispatch Software allows you to scan, attach, and save all of your documentation, putting the information you need at your fingertips while increasing organization.

Safety and Compliance

Avaal Express Dispatch Software will store information on shippers, consignees, drivers, trucks and trailers, eliminating redundancy and saving you hours of wasted data entry time.


Our support staff is available to assist you with installation, configuration, navigating and training.

Software Functionality

Fleet Management

  • Customers
  • Locations
  • Carriers
  • Drivers
  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Safety & Compliance
  • SMS Service

Order Management

  • Quotations
  • Order Status
  • Build, Split, Re-plan Trips
  • Driver/Carrier Confirmation
  • Outsourcing
  • Fuel Card Imports
  • ACE/ACI e-Manifest


  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Aging Report
  • Driver/Carrier Settlement
  • Driver Payroll
  • Profit/Loss Statement
  • Export to QuickBooks