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AVAAL offers industry-renowned programs in which students find success at an outstanding rate. Since 2006, thousands of students have graduated from AVAAL, most of whom either have started their own successful business or have found a rewarding career in the transportation industry

Course Introduction

This course provides an introduction to concepts and issues in operations management and is designed to give a firm foundation in the basics of managing materials. It examines the influence of transportation on decisions made by businesses, from the standpoints of the users of transportation and the carrier management. It focuses on processes that add value through the production and delivery of services and products in the supply chain, and the tools needed to manage these processes effectively.

AVAAL’s Trucking Dispatch specialist course is the most popular and valuable course in North America. For the last two decades, Dara Nagra, the Founder and CEO of AVAAL has been teaching the ins and outs of the industry by giving insightful advices and recommendation on how to succeed in trucking.

During the Trucking dispatch course you will learn how to set up, manage, and grow a trucking company and gain all the skills required to be a dispatcher.

You will learn B2B sales and negotiation techniques, experience the real life environment, and get hands-on training on must-have software, using real loads, in real time.

Upcoming Schedule

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In-person and Online: August 13, 14, 15, 2024
9.00 am to 2.00 pm EST (Mon-Thu)
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Excellent Trucking Dispatch Specialist program, Mr. Dara Nagra is an amazing instructor with easy to understand graphs, software and examples of dispatching. I just wanted to say thank you for the education that I received at Avaal.

Sally Singh

The biggest pros is the excellency of the CEO, he always teach and mentor people. A real leader & a practical person, a great teacher I can say otherwise. Mr. Dara is a man filled with knowledge, humour and perfection. In Dispatch Training he will teach you how to do & when to do. What can be the best ways to do it.

Priya Verma

To be honest, I was able to comprehend most of what was taught because of the instructor. His way of teaching was extraordinary. For someone like me with no trucking or dispatch background, Dara made it super easy to grasp the concept of dispatching. Thank you.

Sana Ahemad

This truck dispatch training course gave me the knowledge I needed to start off a new dispatcher in this industry. I really enjoyed the sales tactics that were presented and feel confident I can apply the knowledge outside in the real world. The instructor (Mr. Nagra) created a fun yet informative environment. Thank you.

Gurjit Dulai

I am extremely satisfied with the contents of this dispatch course. i believe that i have never known many of the concepts related to trucking industry, if i had not attended this course.

Navdeep Bhangu

I recently took two the courses offered at Avaal the truck dispatching and the safety and compliance. Both courses were very informative. I had two different instructor Mr.Nagra and Mr.Halim both are the experts in their own ways. Moreover, all the staff I had come in contact with during this were amazing and helpful. If anyone is looking to step into trucking administration/dispatching I would highly recommend taking the courses and get the great wisdom from Avaal before starting your business.

Mandeep Kaur

I just got certified today as a Dispatch Specialist. My experience was outstanding. We were teaching by Dara Nagra and he is a wonderful teacher with full of Knowledge and I don’t think we can get that deep knowledge from anywhere else. If you really want to do Dispatch Course, I highly recommend Avaal. Avaal means number one and it is number one. Thank you

Gurvinderjit Dhillon

I recently completed the Trucking Dispatch specialist course from Avaal which provided me the opportunity to understand the trucking industry from a real life perspective with hands on experience on major softwares and working as a dispatcher. Highly recommend for people looking to start their career in trucking industry.

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