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4 Benefits of Freight Brokerage Software

  • April 09, 2020
  • Madeline S.

Technology is more important than ever before in the trucking industry. Whether you’re a single truck owner or a major trucking company, Freight Brokerage Software allows you to efficiently manage your business from one easy platform. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits this software can provide your business.


We’re living in an increasingly paperless age. Not only is paperless more environmentally friendly, but it is also more secure. With AVAAL’s Freight Brokerage Software you can easily scan, attach, and save all of your documents. This allows you to safely store them digitally and increase organization.


Managing your orders is easier than ever before with Freight Brokerage Software. You will receive real-time information regarding the status of your drivers, trucks, and freight. This allows you to make informed decisions, adjust schedules, and provide clients with information as needed.

Invoices and Payroll

Trucking accounting is easier than ever with Freight Brokerage Software. Administrative tasks such as invoicing and payroll can all easily be managed from a single platform, reducing the risk of errors.

Order Management

Manage your orders all from one easy to use software. Get quotes, check the status of orders, split trips, and more. You’ll also have the ability to outsource as needed and get driver confirmation on orders. You’ll be able to easily manage all of your orders from one convenient platform.

Sign up today for our Freight Brokerage Software to take advantage of these cost and time saving benefits for your trucking business.