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Everything to Know About eManifests

  • July 03, 2020
  • Madeline S.

If you are moving cross-border freight one important aspect you’ll have to brush up on is eManifests. Freight moved between the U.S. and Canada is heavily regulated, and these days border officials rely on digital documents to make the customs process smoother. All carriers moving between the U.S. and Canada have to submit electronic manifests, so here is everything you need to know about them.

What is an eManifest?

The eManifest is an electronic manifest that contains all of the details of imports entering the U.S. and Canada. All carriers moving between the U.S. and Canada are required t submit electronic manifests and send their paperwork to their customs broker to clear their shipments. They are submitted to CBS and CBSA before the goods arrive at the border to make the customs process smoother and more efficient. The U.S. system is known as Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), while the Canadian countertop is called Advanced Commercial Information (ACI).

How do eManifests Work?

Both Canada and the U.S. require carriers to submit their eManifest at least one hour prior and send their paperwork to customs brokers two hours prior to the driver’s arrival at the border. Once submitted you should receive an “accepted” message, and one hour later you are eligible to cross the border. With AVAAL’s eManifest software submitting manifests has never been easier. Our software is tailor-made to meet all the requirements so that border-crossing is a hassle-free experience.

What are the Benefits of an eManifest Software?

Both the U.S. and Canada offer a free eManifest portal, however, these are difficult to navigate and are not designed to support carriers that regularly cross the border. They also do not share data between ACE and ACI, which creates more work for trucking companies.

AVAAL’s eManifest software is reliable and easy to use. Our web-based software allows you to submit your manifests any time, from anywhere and all of the data is completely secure. We also offer 24/7 support should any issues arise. Utilizing eManifest software will save you time and money.

How Does Outsourcing Work?

Outsourcing your border-crossing services to AVAAL will reduce your overhead cost while maximizing your return on investment. AVAAL will handle the release of your shipment from customs and provide you with your entry number. Here is how it works:

  • • Step 1: Driver send us all the paperwork related to the shipment via fax or email or TRANSFLO Express and attaches a copy of the filled pre-printed bar code driver sheet.
  • • Step 2: We forward all the paperwork to the assigned customs broker and facilitate the process with regular follow ups.
  • • Step 3: We create and transmit an ACE/ACI e-Manifest to customs.
  • • Step 4: When the shipment is cleared by customs the driver receives the entry number on their phone and they can proceed to the border with pre-printed bar code driver sheet or we can fax/email the e-Manifest sheet directly to the driver.

We provide 24/7 live support and send you automatic notification alerts via phone and emails to check the status of the trip & shipment(s). You can do so by simply use our FREE eManifest mobile app (iOS and Android).

AVAAL offers monthly and Pay As you Go plans. To know what is right for your business contact us now at 647-943-1313 or 916-573-4205.