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How to negotiate the best truckload rates?

  • 24 July, 2019
  • Allie Lewis

Worried that you aren't getting the best price when negotiating a rate on a load? DAT TruckersEdge has multiple tools to help ease the process.

With your load board subscription, you can see what other carriers have gotten paid on that same lane, plus you can see where your truck is in high demand and where you might have trouble finding freight.

Broker to Carrier Spot Rate Tool: Allows you to see the spot market average, which can give you a baseline when negotiating. If the rate falls below the spot average, then it's fair to ask the broker for a better offer.

Outbound vs. Inbound Loads by State: See the supply and demand for a specific area. Find the count for your starting point and destination based off your equipment.

If you're hauling a load into a state where it might be difficult to find a good-paying load coming out, make sure you charge enough to cover any possible deadhead. It is also important assess any accessorial charges, such as additional stops, extra labor, detention, and extra insurance.

Source:- DAT.

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