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Avaal Technology celebrates the completion of its 13th Successful Batch in the Dispatch Specialist course

26 Apr 2009

Brampton, ON -- February 25, 2007 - Avaal has experienced remarkable growth in its Dispatch Specialist program which commenced approximately one year ago. The course has successfully graduated over 100 students, and continues to gain tremendous momentum throughout the trucking industry. This Sunday Avaal celebrated its most recent graduation ceremony which included a special guest appearance from John Sprovieri, Brampton’s very own regional councilor. Mr. Sprovieri provided students with a personalized government certificate in commemoration of their successful completion of the forty-hour program which prepares individuals for the unique challenges they will face in the logistics industry. Roy Thacker of Transcore was also present at the event, and provided students with an insight into the logistics industry, and information on the various tools they would need to succeed. After students were awarded, Avaal presented both special guests with a plaque in appreciation of their participation and support in the event. Other guests included such personalities as Dr. Ranvir Sharda from Voice Radio, Major Singh Nagra form Wattan Media Group and Manan Gupta from Road Today Magazine. All attendees were then served lunch courtesy of the Avaal staff, and later preceded to participate in a photograph session. Graduates from the 13th ceremony included, Sarabjeet Brar, Jasbir Singh Bhachu, Mandip Grewal, Pushwinder Thind, Jatinder Sidhu, Davinder Dhillon, Ashim Verma, Mandeep Kullar, Jaswant Bahia and Kamalpreet Grewal.

Through its determination and industry wide experience, Avaal has become one of the most distinct colleges on the international frontier. The IT firm recently established itself as a private career college recognized by the government of Ontario. Among its list of renowned programs, Avaal offers a one year diploma program on the full supply chain and logistics management process. Students learn how to integrate technology and various software packages to manage the daily functions of large-scale logistics operations. The course also focuses on implementing strategies to economize the integration between divisions in an organization while exploring the concept of supply chain management and its various elements. In addition, students acquire the necessary problem solving and analytical skills that prepare them to efficiently process large volumes of data and utilize effective decision making techniques to contain problematic situations. The institution also reserves scholarship opportunities and full government loans for students who meet the eligibility requirements. More information on the course can be found at Avaal’s website,

Avaal has strategically targeted one of the most rapidly growing market segments in North America. It is estimated that the transportation industry is one of the largest contributors to Canada’s GDP (gross domestic product), and a source of over 400,000 jobs. Since 2004 the trucking industry alone has experienced a 44% increase in the number of shipments transported, and a 22% increase in levels of employment. Economists are also confident that the transport sector will continue along this path and experience an even greater level of growth within the foreseeable future.

Although the company has focused much of its attention on the expansion of its training division, it has also made significant advances in its core function as an IT solutions provider. This month Avaal announced the official launch of its online shopping cart which offers over 50,000 products in a broad range of over 75 categories. The shopping cart will service a dynamic array of clientele. Whether companies require basic computer peripherals such as cables and mice, or large enterprise infrastructure, Avaal ensures it will satisfy the needs of a unique blend of customers at unbeatable prices.

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