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Avaal Technology celebrates the completion of its 18th Successful Batch in the Dispatch Specialist course

26 Apr 2009

Brampton, ON -- July 18, 2007 - Avaal recently announced the completion of its 18th successful graduation ceremony for the Dispatch Specialist Course. To date, the course has successfully graduated over 200 students, and continues to gain tremendous momentum throughout the trucking industry. This week’s event witnessed a special guest appearance from His Worship Bobby Hundal, the Justice of Peace of the Ontario Court of Justice. Mr. Hundal offered students words of encouragement and wished them luck for their future endeavors. Mr. Hundal was also accompanied by Amanda Baldwin (Account Manager) and Bill Robinson (Operations Manager) of Transcore Link Logistics Corp, who attended the event to show their support towards an ongoing partnership between Transcore and Avaal. Dr. Ranvir Sharda of the Daily Punjabi Newspaper presided over the event and awarded students their graduation certificates. Mr. Dara Nagra, Avaal CEO presented plaques to His Worship Bobby Hundal and guests from TransCore LinkLogistics. Mr. Vikas Gupta from Arrow Truck Sales and Mr. Manan Gupta from Road Today also attended the event and congratulated all the graduating students. Shortly after the ceremony, students and guests were served lunch by the Avaal staff and participated in a group photograph session. Graduates from the 18th session included Nawab Singh Parmar, Chetan Goyal, Gulab Singh Saini, Bharpur Singh Chehal, Ali Memar-Hosseinizad, Amarinder Gill, Rajvir Dhaliwal, Harjinder Bains.

Avaal has made tremendous achievements in the transport sector which have been recognized on an international scale. By far one of its greatest accomplishments this year was the launch of Avaal’s online e-Manifest web portal. The site was designed to serve as a gateway between transport carriers and the U.S Border. In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the implementation of cross-border security measures to mitigate the threat of terrorist activity and drug smuggling within the United States. Statistics indicate that both these problems have faced significant increases over the past decade and have forced border officials to develop new strategies to combat this issue. One such development is the introduction of the ACE E-manifest system which requires transporters to electronically transmit detailed information to the U.S. border prior to crossing. Although the trade act was amended to mandate the use of this system in 2002, it is only this year that border officials have began penalizing companies for not following protocol. Avaal’s web application greatly simplifies this task, and allows carriers to transmit manifests with ease. This is very much unlike the ACE portal offered by USCBP, which has been criticized for its lack of user-friendliness and slow processing speeds. Avaal also announced the launch of its 24x7 support help desk, that will be dedicate to serving Avaal e-Manifest customers.

More information about Avaal services can be obtained on their website or by calling their head office number 905 595 1313.

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